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Biking routes in Wallonia

Below is a list of biking routes in Wallonia. You will also see all the places where there are currently bike nodes available. Hop on your bike and discover the most beautiful cycling routes!

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Below you will find the 5 most recently added biking routes near Wallonia. Do you want to search for more biking routes in Wallonia?

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Meuse Route Limburg

77 km • Riemst

Official route

Val-Dieu Brune bike ride

26 km • Aubel

Official route

Tour of Ferrières

34.8 km • Ferrières

Official route
automatic translation

The villages of the Eifel

30.1 km • Amblève

Official route
automatic translation

Mill Ride

27.6 km • Bassenge

Official route
automatic translation

Hesbaye - Between Jeker and Yerne

31 km • Waremme

Official route
automatic translation

Fagnes and Lake Robertville

58 km • Waimes

Official route

To Durbuy and the Land of Famenne

40 km • Hotton

Official route

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Map Wallonia
Areas in Wallonia
region/place km biking network
Hainaut3,593 km 3593
Liège2,221 km 2221
Luxembourg2,683 km 2683
Namur2,330 km 2330
Walloon Brabant1,202 km 1202
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